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• May 16, 2013 - 22:48

I figured out how to add ties to my already-written piece, but when I do, my lyrics disappear. Can someone help me out? Much obliged.


please, include much information:
Version of MuseScore you are using/Operating system you are running it on and, for good measure, attach the score if possible

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Hi Shoichi.

I'm using Windows 7 and what I believe is the latest version of Musescore (1.3). The ties work well for notes tied across the barline as long as they're the same note. I can't tie notes within a measure to indicate that the word being sung spans two or three different pitches. The words disappear and the notes become identical.

If you get back to me and I don't get back to you right away, its because its almost 3:00 a.m. where I am. But I look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome CRE :)

Are you aware of the function of a tie?

Basically a tie is a mechanism for lengthening a note over the barline.

This is why MuseScore is removing the lyric - because you are in effect lengthening the previous note, so the previous syllable is now sung on the tied note as well.

If lengthening the note in this way is not your intention, then maybe you are looking for a slur?

Having said that I have noticed that MuseScore is inclined to remove lyrics when you shorten notes too.

I usually operate the workflow of finalising note rhythms before I add lyrics.


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Well yes, I'm familiar with the function of a tie. (I have a degree in music compostion from Berklee where we denoted any tied-together notes "ties." Slurs were for phrasing. I'm looking for a tie (or a slur if you prefer) to indicate that the vocalist will be singing two or more notes, rather than one, for a syllable.

I should have marked the ties/slurs before adding the lyrics, but couldn't figure it out. As long as we're discussing this, the truth is that I can't manage the slurs either! The rest of the program is fairly intuitive.

Thanks very much.

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I was trying to use ties, which are only for over-the-barline sustains, instead of slurs. A slur, it turns out, is embarrassingly easy to insert: Click out of the note-insertion mode, select the notehead and hit "s." Inserting lyrics were never a problem. Thanks for responding.

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Actually, ties are used within a measure too - such as if you have an eighth note on the "and" of 2 that you want to tie to a half. The distinction between ties and slurs has nothin to do with over the barline or not. It is quite simple: slurs are used to make notes *smoother*, ties are used to make them *longer*. They really have nothing to do with each other aside from a similar shape,

So I am currently using Windows 7 and I am trying to add in a tie but I cannot hear the tie. I only see it in the music but it plays the note and it has really been frustrating me. Please help me with this bug

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