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• May 19, 2013 - 11:52

Page numbers are missing from the printout. They do print if I move them higher up with the mouse, but is there a way to move them all at once?


I'm guessing this would be because your page size doesn't match your paper size. Are you by chance in the US or somewhere else that uses "Letter" sized paper but your score is configured to expect "A4" (the default in MuseScore itself and some of the templates supplied with it)? You can set the overall MuseScore default via Edit/Preferences/Score. Meanwhile, you can change the paper size for your current score in Layout / Page Settings.

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??? Works for me, 1.3 on WIndows 7. Hard to imagine this being an OS dependency. But in any case, it should not normally be necessary. If it turns out to just be an incorrect page size, then fixing the page size fixes it. Or, it the page number really is too low (or too high, or too far left or right) on the page, it should respond to a change in the page number text style - but only after a save & reload.

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Ah, I see - the save/reload does kill any manual adjustments you make, since page numbers are regenerated on the fly each time the score layout changes. So if you really want to make a permanent change to page number location, use the text style.

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I was referring to Marc's answer:
"So if you really want to make a permanent change to page number location, use the text style."
Try varying the underlined value.
It applies to the whole score.

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And just so you know, he's not deliberately being cryptic. He's not a native English speaker.

But yes, no need to manually move anything at all. Just do to style / edit text style and edit the styles for page number odd/even. The "Y" parameter controls how high above the bottom of the page the page number is. Literally, how far *below* the bottom of the page, which is why you'll see it's set to a *negative* value to make it print *above* the bottom.

If your page size is set correctly, you should never really need to mess with this, but I guess some printers are unusually bad at printing near the bottom of a page; maybe you have such a printer.

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No, that is never necessary, and as noted earlier, it doesn,t even really work - you can get them to move temporarily, but they'll reset next time you load the wcore. It really just a matter of setting appropriate value in the tect style dialog. You must have set some inappropriate. As mentioned, attaching the score always helps.

My first page has 2 at the bottom. All odd page numbers are superimposed on the even numbers. Any idea how to sort out this mess?

I, too, had issues with page numbers not printing. It turns out that my printer won't print on the bottom 1/2 or 3/4 inch of the page. I used the "Edit Text Style" menu to adjust the "Y" axis of the odd and even page numbers. I used -18.00mm for the "Y" axis setting and that put the number in a printable location on the page. (I will try going down to maybe -16.00mm and see that will still print. I'd like the number to print a bit lower on the page.) Also, I set the "X" axis "relX" setting to 50.00 % so that the number appears in the center of the bottom portion of the page.

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