Creating Multiple Voices

• May 19, 2013 - 19:20

I'm new to musescore, and I've read the "Voices" handbook section and all, and I do exactly as it tells me. I just write a random melody, then I click voice 2 (or ctrl+alt+2) and then I try to write a second voice on the same staff. But it still thinks it's voice 1. I really don't understand why it does this. Am I missing something?

I've tried searching for some answers, but everyone seems to have problems with other aspects of the multiple voice creation, rather than the immediate problem that it just doesn't work for me. Seeing the Voices page, I assume that if I press voice 2, the blue line should turn green, which it doesn't on my side of things. Everything stays blue.

Am I just missing something really simple?


Select Note Entry mode is enabled;
Click on "Voice 2" button Voice 2 (3-4);
The cursor must have the color of the selected item.

(which Musescore version and operating system?)

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Yeah, those are on.

I actually just restarted my computer and it started working. Sorry about the topic. Not sure why it wasn't working when I downloaded it.

Thanks for responding though.

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