[Android] Loading .mscz results in: "Cannot load score!"

• Jun 1, 2013 - 19:29
S4 - Minor

I have downloaded the current Android viewer yesterday and I am really happy about it. All my scores on the mobile phone and when I'll be away somewhere, feeling like playing piano, all I need is to take out the phone and look at the score. Fantastic! :-))

Now there are some "bugs" or rather strange phenomena which I encountered with this Android version, but not all are reproduceable. I will try to submit all those which I can reproduce.

First one I try to load a certain score:
- start muse score e.g. with librery view
- switch to ES File Explorer and click on the score "Comptine d'un autre été - L'après-midi.mscz"
- musescore comes up and says: Cannot load score!

The behaviour is reproduceable each time I try to start this score. Other (and potentially more complex) scores work without problem. I have attached the score to this report.

This is the first time I submit a bug report. I have read documentation and researched the tracking system first. I have not found a specific Android category. Please bear with me if this is not the proper way to submit and point me to the right direction.

Thanks for all the work you are putting into this. I have started to teach the use of musescore to the piano teacher of my daughter. She is from Russia, close to 70, never used computers much before, but she is eager to learn enough to prepare the sheets for her students. It is really nice to see how motivated she is and how well musescore is adapted even in such a difficult case (even if using it is not always straightforward :-)


I forgot to specify the environment:

- musescore version as reported by the app: Player for Android Version 1.1 r36 - 320 (304)
- Samsung S3 GT-i9300
- Android 4.1.2
- Score is on external storage 64GB from Sandisk (though this should not matter, sinces others open ok)
- The name of the score contains French accented characters, while this is not the case for other scores

Then the obvious question is: does it open if you rename it?
would help to determine whether it is the score or its name that is causing the problem.

Hey pianopleasure, we'll look into it. Most likely it's because of the special characters in the filename. Try to replace all the special ones (é'è). For future issues regarding the player app, you can email support@musescore.com directly. This issue tracker is reserved for the MuseScore editor and plugins.

@Jojo-Schmitz: Of course, it is. Just a matter of time for some more investigation :-)

@Thomas, @Jojo-Schmitz: Done now, it seems to be the name (don't know if this is good or bad news ;)
- Copied file to new directory and changed name to "Comptine midi.mscz" works
- Changed name to "Comptiné midi.mscz" does not work
- Changed name to "Comptine midi.mscz" does work again

The files have been opened by tapping on them using the device-native "My Files" application (I used this one to exclude spurious errors maybe attached to the ES file explorer) without opening musescore specifically beforehand
- "works" means that musescore opens and displays the file
- "does not work" means that musescore does not open (only completely black screen) and after some waiting the file explorer comes up again

The message referred to earlier in this post only seems to come up, when the following sequence is used:
- start musescore
- switch to "My Files" by long click on the home button and selecting "My Files" from the list
- tap on "Comptiné midi.mscz"

One more info FWIIW:

Once one tried to start "Comptiné midi.mscz" (and failed to do so), switching back from "My Files" to musescore by using the long click on the home button and selecting musescore from the list of applications is not possible anymore. A completely black screen comes up and after some time (several seconds) the home screen of the device is displayed. AFAIS (it is just black ;) this black screen is the same than the one shown when tapping onto "Comptiné midi.mscz". No contents at all, not even the notification bar at the top.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Thomas, I'll report to support@musescore.com directly in the future. Assuming that this specific issue does not need another direct reporting via email. If I should resubmit, please let me know.

Have to admit though that I am a bit confused about the .org and .com story. If I interprete http://musescore.org/en/faq/general correctly, the app would rather belong to .org, since .com is only for keeping and sharing sheet music. But the support email is now .com (which makes maybe sense, since one has to pay for it and the code is maybe not freely available). Is there a place where this is described? Could you please point me to it? Or you might maybe want to consider explaining the bug reporting regarding the mobile apps a bit more in detail in the FAQ or at http://musescore.org/en/development?

Also of course sending emails instead of using an issue tracker does not allow me to search beforehand if something has already been discussed or reported earlier... something I have been trained to do in the past ;-)

Another question: where are feature requests supposed to go?

Well, thanks anyway again. I am really happy with this app. If ever there will be the possibility to import and update a whole directory some day, I will be even happier, but, to be honest, selecting a file initially using a file browser is good enough for me.

Hey pianopleasure,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

On the .org we run the open source development of the MuseScore software for the desktop. The app for Android is not part of this, but instead linked the commercial endeavour, i.e. musescore.com. There we offer cloud and mobile services. It funds. With the redesign of musescore.org, I plan to communicate this separation better.

Feature requests for the app are welcome at http://musescore.com/groups/musescore-android