For development purposes, do the Linux and Windows versions share the same code?

• Jun 2, 2013 - 04:08

Hello again.

My ordinary Operating Systems is Windows, but I recently had to set up an Ubuntu partition for a Qt-related project I'm working.

Given that I've had so many problems trying to set up Qt Creator with Musescore on Windows, I'm considering using Ubuntu instead. If I did this -- and if I wanted to later use my changes on Windows -- would my work on Musescore Linux convert back to Musescore Windows?

Are there any major differences in the code that I should be aware of?


MuseScore uses the exact same code base on Windows, Linux and Mac (and more BSD like etc...) Setting up the development environment is equally easy on Windows and Linux, and a bit more complicated on Mac OSX.
Development questions are better suited for the developer mailing list or the IRC channel (#musescore on

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