MuseScore Player features

• Jun 2, 2013 - 21:59

Hello all,
I do not know where to post something about the MuseScore Player application. I think this is the best place, but if any administrator thinks there is abetter place...

About my questions... I have purchased the MuseScore Player app in Google Play and I think it is a great idea, but... I think it has some places where it can improve. Here are the two most important (at least, for me):
- It is not possible to have more than one instrument at the same time in the screen, as it only allows one at a time. The user should be able to select which of the staffs he wants to see in the score.
- If there are more than one staff and there are volta repeats only in the upper staff, the player does not show them in the lower staves.

I think this is great software and I know a big effort has been done to have it as it is now, but I also think that if users can have this application ready to read their scores in their tablets directly without changing anything, we are going to see the use of MuseScore growing.

Thank you to all developers.



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