Inspector - object properties in 2.0

• Jun 3, 2013 - 01:44

Using nightlies of version 2.0 the use of an "inspector" (F8) is needed to change several object properties, for example within the "tempo text" you can change the entry for bpm only via the inspector, no longer via a right click like in 1.3. Right click on tempo text now yields a "Text Properties" menu as well, but without a bpm-changing option.

IMHO many users would appreciate to use a right click on an element to change all of the element's properties. Keeping the inspector open would be ok, but takes a lot of space on my screen.

Maybe, a right-click on an element could give the option to select the inspector and to change all properties within the inspector? For me it's difficult to understand that there are different ways to change items that I would summarize as "properties" of a single element.

Anyway, I'd get used to new concepts...


Hmm. The inspector is no further away than a right click menu - closer even. A single keystroke brings it up, or you can leave it up all the time, and resize it to not take up much of the screen. So, zero or one keystrokes clicks to bring it up, compared to two to bring up anything in a right click menu. Objectively speaking, it's really hard to see having the right click menu as an improvement. Although subjectively speaking, I do understand how it could *seem* that way until you get used to it. Also, how often does one change temps on a piece? Maybe often while you're experimenting, but that's when you'd be likely to just leave the inspector up, so again, big win for the inspector in that case.

The "Inspector" is quite a culture shock for those used to the 1.x UI.

When I first started working with nightly builds, I too was frustrated by the disappearance of things from the context menu.

Now, about a year on, I find that the decision to move these things to the inspector was the right one, as having it open makes it much easier to fine-tune note positions etc.

I would recommend, therefore, that you persevere with the inspector for a while longer before passing judgement.

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