No playback sound MuseScore 2.1 on Mac Mini MacOS Sierra.

• Jun 3, 2017 - 12:12

I thought I would avoid some of the sound problems that I have been experiencing on Linux with MuseScore, by trying it on a Mac Mini of mine. The system is brand new (installed and upgraded) after a disc wipe. I am using MuseScore 2.1 with MacOS Sierra on a late 2012 Mac Mini. I have confirmed that the sound font is recognized and loaded, and yet I do not get any playback sound. I have never used MuseScore before on a Mac and am unsure as to what else I should check. Advice?


This seems to be for some (not for all?) Mac users a problem with 2.1 (the reason isn't clear until now). See also this discussion:

If you or someone other can't figure out how to solve it, you could also try as mentioned in this discussion to install MuseScore 2.0.3, if the sound will be work there.

1/ Please check if you have sound with another program. Like youtube in a Safari.
2/ If yes, check View > Synthesizer, is the soundfont loaded? When you play do you see the vumeter moving?
3/ Check MuseScore > Preferences > IO. Can you make a a screenshot? Can you tell which API and devices are selected? Which devices are listed?

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