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I'm quite new to musescore and my knowledge on music theory is quite poor. However, the nighty build was the solution to two midi import problems which is why I use it at the moment.

I noticed musescore being quite slow on startup compared to version 1.3. More important the player uses about 50% of CPU resources while playing; version 1.3 uses 0.2%.
When a file is played, the bar following the notes lags significantly (about a half note or more) behind the played music. This is not the case in version 1.3.

This on a Win 7 64 bit machine, Intel Cor 2 Duo 3.0 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Xonar DX Soundcard.

Version 1.3: I'm using the portable version.

Any comments on this?

Thanks, Ernst


I prepare the portable version, for spread among my friends.
From the external support (CD), or folder portable the startup is very slow.
Try to create a desktop shortcut to MuseScorePortable.

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Hi Shoichi

I don't exactly understand what you mean by "Try to create a desktop shortcut to MuseScorePortable". I have done this for version 1.3 and the nightly build before my report an the performance of the nightly build.
Anyway I can't see how this could be the reason for the performance "problems" ...?
Or am I missing something?


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MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2/Intel Core2 Duo CPU E8200 - 2.66 GHz, 3.0 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400.
MSS 1.3 from Start: fractions of a second (Working Set 46,772 KB);
MSS 1.3 from folder MuseScorePortable, little more;
MSS 1.3 from MuseScorePortable folder on CD: several seconds;
MsSNightly from desktop folder first start several seconds, subsequent startups fractions of a second (KB 117532 Working Set).

It was a description, only a conversation, a qualified answer will not tarry.
I'm not a computer expert but I think the startup speed also depends on the file path and how many processes are running. Something similar to what is described here:
Reduce the amount of RAM (memory) used by MuseScore by using a smaller SoundFont. See list above for suggestions
Increase the amount of RAM available for MuseScore by quitting all applications, except MuseScore. If you still have problems and a large SoundFont is important to you, blackberries Consider RAM for your computer
... "

Excuse my coarse English (Google Translate)

I also noticed the lag during palyback in the Nightly builds. Moreover, if you look at RAM usage, you will see that there is a constant increasing in RAM usage for each played note. This was not happening in 1.3. (luckily!)

I think there is a memory leak in function Chord::layoutStem1, in particular when dealing with hooks (lines 1142-1153).
Here is the back-trace of the leaking function:
# 0 Ms::Chord::layoutStem1() [C:/Git_packages/MuseScore/libmscore/chord.cpp:1146]
# 1 Ms::Measure::layoutChords0() [C:/Git_packages/MuseScore/libmscore/measure.cpp:340]
# 2 Ms::Measure::layoutStage1() [C:/Git_packages/MuseScore/libmscore/measure.cpp:3569]
# 3 Ms::Score::doLayout() [C:/Git_packages/MuseScore/libmscore/layout.cpp:604]
# 4 Ms::Score::update() [C:/Git_packages/MuseScore/libmscore/cmd.cpp:151]
# 5 Ms::Seq::heartBeatTimeout() [C:/Git_packages/MuseScore/mscore/seq.cpp:1167]
# 6 Ms::Seq::qt_static_metacall() [C:/Git_packages/MuseScore/build.debug/mscore/moc_seq.cxx:76]

I will shortly post an issues report.

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