Temporary Bulk Hiding of Score Elements

• Jun 9, 2013 - 22:21

I'm using MuseScore version 1.2 version 5470 on 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04LTS Linux.

I'm creating keyboard scores for works of Baroque composers. Using Domenico Scarlatti as an example, purists want a printed score more or less as Scarlatti wrote it - for an instrument such as a harpschord that has no dynamics. Horowitz and many others have demonstrated that, when played on a modern piano, good performance of these works requires such things as dynamic changes and judicious pedalling (a harpsichordist can achieve tonal variety through use of registration changes and such.)

So enough background - what I would like to do is create a single score in which I can do bulk hiding of such things as pedalling notation, crescendos and the like so I can print the appropriate version. I realize the basic "hidden" attribute lies somewhere in MuseScore since I can show and hide individual elements to my heart's content.

I attempted to select several elements at once, and apply the show/hide feature, but it only acts on the first of the selected elements. So this is really too tedious to be practical.

Is there some way I'm not seeing that will permit this - better still, is there a way to just say "Hide all of the Pedal markings" for instance. If not, would this be something suitable for an enhancement request?

Thanks in advance.


2.0 will have a feature that is kind of along these lines - it's called "layers". I don't know how it works, but you're welcome to try out a nightly build (see Downloads link on the right side of this page) and see for yourself if it suits your needs.

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Thanks Marc. I would like to try the nightly build, but the link for Ubuntu insists on opening in the Ubuntu software center. Is there a way that I can simply download the DEB file itself so that I can copy it to a machine that has no internet access. I don't really want to over-write my current installation as I am in the middle of something.


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Hi Robert:
Thanks for letting me know that the nightly build won't interfere with the existing installation.
I have a problem with the download, however, which occurs with at least the two most recent builds - specifically
mscore-2013-06-07-13-00-43b7d1d.tar.bz2 and
Whether I attempt to load them or just save them as files to run later, the download thinks it's finished after only a portion - specifically it gives me an "unexpected end of file." This seems to be consistent (I tried at different times of day and so forth).
I'm relatively new to Linux, but was wondering if this has anything to do with my installation treating this as a text file rather than a binary and whether I need to do something else to download it.
If it makes a difference, I notice that the nightly build says it's a 32 bit file and I'm running a 64 bit version of Ubuntu 12.04.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
-- Frank

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I just downloaded mscore-2013-06-07-13-00-43b7d1d.tar.bz2, launching the download from the contextual menu, and received a 101717751 octets file, which is OK. BTW what is your download modus operandi ? I had the same problem as you (but while loading to the site) using ftp in command line (I now use Curl)

My machine runs under Mint14, (= Ubuntu 12.10), so compilation is made with 12.10 libraries, which at first glance should not be a problem. Also compilation is made with 32 bits flag which allows the binary to run on 32 bits machines, but I've been told that it runs also on 64 bits (perhaps a bit slower).

But later for the above considerations
First download the whole 101717751 octets file which should extract as a 283428997 octets file

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Thanks so much for the reply, but I've been away from this stuff for quite some time and I have absolutely no idea what you are telling me to do.
I actually just started the downloads from the browser (I'm using Firefox) and it saves by default to the Downloads directory (or at least tries to). This is what I've been doing for most other software (I've recently dumped Windows - although haven't uninstalled it yet - and am busy attempting to get everything in order before I tell the Redmond folks goodbye).
I hadn't considered ftp, not having had to do anything like that for many years, but according to your post, that has problems anyway.
I'll google curl to see what that is and if I can install it - I'm not familiar with it.
What are the "octets files" you are referring to? How do I locate them?
I much appreciate the education.
-- Frank

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As I mentioned, I had failures while attempting to download the two most recent nightly builds (specifically mscore-2013-06-12-20-00-418c6d2.tar.bz2 and mscore-2013-06-12-19-00-a5d1ac2.tar.bz2); both failed with unexpected end of file messages.

Still eager to take a peek at what's coming up, I decided to try an earlier build, this time downloading 2013-06-07-13-00-43b7d1d.tar.bz2; this worked, and created a stand-alone version of MuseScore that would run. It shows up as "Unstable Release for Version 2.0.0 Revision: 418c6d2", by the way.

So, even though I was having no problems up or downloading other things I thought I would retry the newer builds again. Same errors as reported earlier. Can it be possible that I'm the only one with this problem?

Also, the 2.0.0 version doesn't play any sound at all. Is it supposed to? I recall reading somewhere that 2.0 is using a completely new means of generating the sound output; do I need to download some other libraries or anything?

Although my first impressions are pretty negative*, I'd still like to keep up with what's going on.


* I realize that it's now the cool thing to do, but any program that uses red (and in some cases, dark grey) type on a black background simply isn't suitable for actual day-to-day use, regardless of what other new goodies are on offer. For instance on the General tab of the Preferences dialog (and it's actually difficult to tell which tab is selected), the message "Attention: changing the language ..." is close to illegible, and the inactive "Port Number" display is not much better.

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Sound does work in 2.0, but depending on your isntallation, you might have go to the Synthesizer window and enable a soundfont explicitly. Normally it should default to FluidR3. There was a time when the changeover to the new synth stuff was first happening that it wouldn't get set up automatically, or maybe only if you had preferences left over from an older 2.0 nightly as that could get in the way, but that should affect a first time installation of a build from any time this month. I suppose you could try running "mscore -F" (reset to factory settings) just in case.

You can always create two scores, of course. Either the first without dynamics and then add them in or, if you have already got one with the dynamics...

The Copy and Paste in 1.x doesn't do a good job of copying everything but you may be able to exploit this failing as a "feature". Create a piece with dynamics. Create Pedal indications by placing a line (from the Line palette), right-clicking on it and choosing "Line Properties" and setting "Ped" as the starting symbol. Now create a blank score with the same number of measures. Select everything in the first score with [Ctrl]-a, copy it with [Ctrl]-c then paste it into the second score (from the beginning) with [Ctrl]-v. Certain things will still get copies ("Ped" inserted from the symbols - Z - menu for instance) but standard dynamic marks, crescendo indications, lines won't get copied and yhis should at least reduce the amount of markings that will be left to delete.

If it's of any help, here are some quick Scarlatti I knocked up earlier. Might need a few corrections.

By the way, I'm using xubuntu 12.04, Firefox v21.0.
I just downloaded mscore-2013-06-12-19-00-a5d1ac2.tar.bz2
I chose to save the file
Then I extracted it to get the executable
Then I renamed the executable (so I wouldn't over-write an earlier Nightly)
Then I copied it to /usr/local/bin
Then I added a link to it on my Panel

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Thanks for posting the three sonatas.
I can't say I'm familiar with the G minor - do you know a Longo, Kirkpatrick or Pestelli number for it?
The C minor K11, by the way, lays out very nicely for a guitar is you transpose it. Just in case.
The one I've attached is considered spurious by some, although Long and Kirkpatcik were both convinced, so who am I to argue, and I like playing it.

Attachment Size
Sonata in C Major: K 95.mscz 9.13 KB

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I noticed that, since I posted the query above this morning, three new builds have been added.
So I downloaded the newest one and - this time - the download didn't fail, and I got the entire file (in this case, mscore-2013-06-12-20-00-418c6d2.tar.bz2), and it was 57.7 Meg. When I tried with the earlier files, the downloads stopped with a size of 13.3 Meg and when I tried to do anything, it reported the "unexpected end of file."
So, I had high hopes. I checked, and the file is marked executable (I'm assuming that the bz2 is a self-extracting archive?).
Unfortunately, when I attempted to run it, the Archive Manager in Ubuntu 12.04 complained: Specifically, I received:
bzip2: Compressed file ends unexpectedly;
perhaps it is corrupted? *Possible* reason follows.
bzip2: Function not implemented
Input file = (stdin), output file = (stdout)

It is possible that the compressed file(s) have become corrupted.
You can use the -tvv option to test integrity of such files.

You can use the `bzip2recover' program to attempt to recover
data from undamaged sections of corrupted files.

tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

So, I can't get past the extraction stage. Any suggestions?
- Frank

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