2.1 instrument audio issues

• Jun 6, 2017 - 03:15

After updating to 2.1, I've been having many issues with instrument audio. Percussion instruments are much louder, as well as sounding completely different. Also, the harp has a weird popping issue. I'm using the same soundfont, as well as the same synthesizer settings.

My soundfont, 2 scores, as well as mp3 exports.
Wind Waker Intro - Harp Issue
Gusty Garden Galaxy - Percussion Issue
I have tried reinstalling 2.1 multiple times, but it hasn't helped


Yes, see various other reports as well. Apparently a change made to address one set of issues in one handful of sounds has inadvertently caused another.

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If audio is important to you for some specific reason, maybe use 2.0.3 just for those specific situations when you need the audio to be as it was, but use 2.1 for your regular work.

Anyhow, we are still working to understand the problem, but yes I'd assume a fix will be coming at some point.

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