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• Jul 6, 2013 - 09:41

I have Musescore windows 8 which is fab but am trying to send a file to someone with MacBook who has downloaded Mac OS X version 10.6.8

To start with all he got was german text but could display the sample music from the site. Now he gets partial image and very poor sound.

Do you have any advice or tips please?

Thanks! Caz


Hi Caz,

Thanks for your question.

German text: I assume his MuseScore to appeared in German, but he wants it in English? If so, direct him to this page:

Partial image: could he share a screenshot so we can understand what partial means?

Poor sound: do we know what he expected? Maybe he expected MuseScore to sound like a live orchestra. Can you export a ogg file from your MuseScore and pass it on to him, and then ask if you got the same?

Verus may refer to:

Verus (senator) (died 219), Roman centurion and senator
Verus (gladiator), Roman gladiator

... probably a typo ...

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