[Mac] Add 2x resolution support for retina displays (text & score)

• Apr 6, 2013 - 01:37
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

The application is not displaying 1:1 on retina displays (e.g., the newest MacBook Pro).

Priority would be for the score view to render @ 2x. The rest of the UI would be nice too ;)


Title [Mac] Add 2x resolution support for retina displays [Mac] Add 2x resolution support for retina displays (text & score)

Adding the NSPrincipalClass key worked to get the main score and all text drawing @2x. It looks great :)

Note this additional step also on the page referenced above:

Because Mac OS seems to cache the info.plists you may have to logout and login again, or alternatively copy the app bundle and insert it again at the same location. Then delete the old app bundle.

I just duplicated the app (CMD-D) and ran the copy.

Attached before & after screenshots.

So, it seems the fix for the text & score drawing is to apply this key to the Info.plist in the source tree.

I'll file a separate feature request for @2x artwork (e.g., tool icons, splash screen, etc.)

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FWIW, the same trick should work for MuseScore 1.3 but you will have to disable GateKeeper because the app bundle is signed. If the info.plist is modified, GateKeeper will probably be unhappy and refuse to launch MuseScore.