How to control distance between staves on a page?

• Jul 9, 2013 - 05:39


I am extracting parts for a Big Band, and the default setting creates more space between the staves than I need - for brass parts with few ledger lines, I would like to close up the spacing so I can get more staves on a page. I have tried the Staff Distance parameter, but it doesn't affect the spacing. What to do?



So, you want the look "tighter"? See Style>Edit General Style>Page.

Mess with those - each adjusts a different parameter. Perhaps margins.

Staff distance is distance between staves *within* a single system - ie, to tighten spacing in a *score*, not the parts. So as mentioned, you want "System distance" - distance between systems. But do read the Layout oage also mentioned above and pay special attention to the "Page fill threshold", which can lead to situations where it appears at first a change in "System distance" is not having any effect.

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