Can I delete base piano clef?

• Jul 9, 2013 - 15:35

I have a score with 2 verses of words (using repeat), chord names,
and piano treble and base clefs. On a copy of it, I want to delete
the base clef, keeping the words and treble clef, and then modify
the treble clef to one note as requested by an accordian player who
will use it. Is this possible, or should I start over from empty?


You can delete the bass clef (in the add instruments dialog), but if chord names or lyrics are attached to it's notes rather than the ones on treble clef, you're gonna lose them too.

Also, most things you try to do to reduce the top staff to only one note a time are likely to delete the lyrics as you go. It may well be easier to just do it over, perhaps starting from one of the lead sheet templates.

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No, nothing is wrong. That method just doesn't work for chords. They are special, because they are rendered on the fly according to the rules stored in the chord description file you have specified in style / edit general style / chirdname, using the font & size specified in style / edit text style / chordname. It's a bug that the chord names seem to disappear if you try changing the font directly, but they haven't really gone anywhere - they'd reappear when you reload the score. But still at the old size. To increase the size of chord symbols you need to up the size in style / edit text style / chordname. If this doesn't take effect immediately, save and reload the score.

The text style is something you should know about. Changing font sizes after already entering things shold be a last resort. Normally you should simply pick the desired size in the text style settings, then everything you create after that will automatically come out that size. Starting from an appropriate template instead of always creating scores from scratch helps - the Jazz Lead Sheet template, for example, alreadu has extra-large chord symbols.

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