Evenly distributing measures across the piece

• Jul 16, 2013 - 15:02

Hi, I'm pretty new to Musescore and I've just created a score which has 17 bars (measures of 4/4 and spread over 5 lines), the first measure being just one beat, the final measure being 3 beats. The trouble is that the final measure is a whole line in width!

Does anyone know how to condense it such that all the measures fit into 4 lines instead of 5 i.e the fifth line being one very long measure? Aesthetically it doesn't look good!

Also, how do you reduce the spaces between the lines?



That handbook section contains the basic information you will need. I'll just observed that you really have a number of options here for how to do things. Without seeing the score in question, my first guess is that compressing things so you fit four full measures *plus* the pickup on the first line, then four bars per line after that, would be best. You do that by either reducing staff size or reducing "stretch" (both hopefully explained in that Handbook section) until enough measures fit on a line, then inserting manual line breaks is some lines now have too many measures. The same basic approach is how you'd squeeze five bars onto the last, or any other, line. But it's also possible things really work better as they are and all you want to do is add space after the last measure so it doesn't stretch to fill the whole line. In which case, you want to append a horizontal Frame and resize it to however much space you want.

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