Crescendo plugin apparent failure

• Jul 18, 2013 - 03:46

Greetings, all. I've tried to make the crescendo plugin work on the attached file (it should probably be quite familiar; it was an attempt to see how well I could recreate the sound using MS). You'll notice dynamics in the score; they were applied by selecting a note, then double-clicking a dynamic from the palette. I then selected the beginning and the end of the passages delineated by the dynamics, clicked on the plugin from the list, and played back the score. I don't hear any changes in the sound level anywhere, especially in the decrescendos on the held notes (and the decresc/cresc in the trumpet line for certain). And just to make certain I had the latest and greatest, I downloaded the plugin today (even though it hasn't been updated in just about a year), overwrote the version I had (which apparently I picked up right before the last update, since the folder has a date of about a year ago but the plugin predated it by about two months), and closed out of MS to make sure it was reading the latest version. No happy, as they say over here. And this behavior has reared its unpleasant head on more than one of my scores; however, if we can figure out what's wrong here, I could probably apply that fix to the other scores. Any guesses as to what I should do differently gratefully accepted. Running MS 1.3 rev 5702 on a Gateway NV55C laptop running Win 7 with all the current updates sent down from Redmond..

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It can be seen that the plugin did it's Job of ajdusting the notes' velocity (rightclick on the notes, note properties, velocity).
But, at least for the tied notes (horn measure 8-13, trumpet mesure 15-18), playback doesn't work, this is because of the tie. Remove them (and replace by slurs) and you can hear the effect.
For Horn, measure 4-8, I guess the difference between mf (64) and mp (80) is not big enough to be heard
Same for rumpet measure 12-15, mf (80) and f (96), on both cases just 16 steps out of the possible 127
One Thing is for sure: the plugin did ist Job and changed the notes' velocities.

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Based upon Marc's follow-up to your original response, it would appear that the desired function isn't going to happen (perhaps in V2.0?). But if I change the ties to slurs, won't each successive whole note get a new attack? Also not a desired function.

Which nites specifically are you selecting? I tried the first four measures of the horn part - measures 5-8 - and it worked just fine. There isn't a lot of different between mp and mf of course, but right clicking each nites and checking Note Properties shows it is setting the velocities to steadily increasing values.

Perhaps you were tryi to get the long sustained horn note to decrescendo? That doesn"t work. MuseScore has no way of changing the volume of a note once it starts playing. The plugin only affects the starting volume of notes, not what happens afterwards. That's all MuseScore aupports.

Hi there,

The problem in MuseScore with playing a (de)crescendo on a held note is that you cannot do that with velocity, which is the only MIDI controller MuseScore 1.x recognises.

In order to do this kind of expression on a sustained note you need to use the Expression Controller (MIDI #11)

The plan is for MuseScore 2 to be able to support this by means of stave text - you can already see the beginnings of this by clicking on the Stave Text Properties option in the context menu, but it was not implemented for MuseScore 1.


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