Rearrange font size after taking parts from written piece

• Jul 27, 2013 - 17:19


I wrote a score, but therefore I needed to write very small to get everything on the page. Now I finished the piece and I started with creating the parts. But now every tesxt is very small. Is there a way to change or to set the font size at the beginning of creation of the part?



But this is for only one selected item. I wwant to do this for all items (that are the same). I know how to change something, just not for all.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it should be. One thing that helps is to make a separate copy of the score *before* generating the parts, and make the changes there. Then you can get more done at once. But you still have to deal with text items one type at a time. Staff text is easy - right click one, text properties, set the font size, clikc the "apply to all" option. A few other text types work that way too. You can do this for dynamics too, but "apply to all" only affects the same dynamic - eg, changing size of one "mp" marking only affects other "mp" markings. Chord symbols you affect by changing the text style. But tempo text you have to do one at a time.

I've gotten good enough at this that I can prepare a typical score for generating parts in a few minutes. Te key again is to do this on a copy of the score, not individual parts. If you have 20 tempo markings scattered through the scoe, at least that's only 20 changes you need to make, not 20 times the number of instruments.

But I'm looking forward to not having to do this once 2.0 comes out! The text styles will work better so it's easier to update all text items of a given type at once, and there is a facility to have separate styles applied for score versus parts.

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