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• Aug 4, 2013 - 19:00

I have a couple of songs that contain one measure in 2/4 time in the middle of the song. The first on I wrote in MusEdit, and if I succeed in pasting a picture here it looks like this:

The next line on the page has the 4/4 indicator at the beginning of the line.

The next song I transcribed using MuseScore, and it looks like this:

The next line has a 4/4 indicator at the beginning, but why these extra indicators? I could set them to invisible, but then when I print the page it looks like this:
Notice how the end barline is not in the correct spot? Is there anyway to make my MuseScore sheet look more like the first picture?

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It's hard to see without seeing the actual score (as opposed to just a picture of it). But I'd hazard a guess that you went through a bit of trial and error in your attempt to get things working, and managed to trigger some sort of bug that corrupted your score. Most likely, completely deleting the offending measure(s)m, inserting new ones, and re-entering the notes would eliminate the corruption and get things back to normal.

BTW< the first example you posted from MuseEdit appears incorrect. If the time signature changes back to 4./4 at the beginning of the next page (or next line), then there should be a 4/4 at the end of the previous line. This is as your second example appears to show, except for some reason it shows it both before and after the barline, which I'm guessing is the result of a score corruption.

I have seen this problem before.
The multiple 4/4 indicators are the result of a bug. Probably the result of too many key presses like Marc said. There should be just one, and it is called a Coutesy Time Signature. It is there too "warn" you that the next line will be in a different time signature.
Just delete the measure as said before: select the measure, ctrl+del. Then insert a new measure: from the Create menu, measures, insert measure.
Next, from the Style menu, Edit General Style..., then select Page. Look towards the bottom right, you will see the option Create courtesy time signatures. UNCHECK this box.
Next, from the Time Signatures palette, drag the 2/4 indicator to your newly created measure (although I think it may need to have notes in it first...).
The result should look like your first example.

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