Incorrect Time in ameasure on one stave

• Aug 7, 2013 - 18:35

In a piece in 4/4 time, one stave allows only 3 quarter notes; the other two staves permit all four quarter notes.
Music was originally scanned into "SmartScore" and the saved as XML file and then loaded into MuseScore.
It has been loaded, modified and saved in standard MuseScore fashion. In general time length errors arising from
the initial scanning are difficult but ,in one measure seemingly impossible, to correct. The notes in this stave( upper piano)
were cut out, and MuseScore shows a halfnote rest and a quarter rest. The length of the rest were verified
by clicking on them.

Originally detected in MuseScore 1.2, the 1.3 version has been installed and yields the same results.
The OS is Windows XP ..


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Looks like the score is chock full of corrupt measures. 27 shows this more clearly - there's only a single eighth there. I'm , guessing the original MusicXML file was itself not good - garbage in, garbage out. But it wouldn't hurt to post it.

BTW< the file you posted is not really your score - it's the *backup* copy. That's why it ends with a comma (and originally started with a period, although that seems to have been removed) and doesn't open in MuseScore directly. In the future, you will want to access the version without the comma and period.

You don't say how you normally correct these scanning errors, but in general, right clock a measure, measure properties, check actual time signature.

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Shoichi, thank you. Did check measure properties innumerable time but never got the 3 | 4 . This
was probably due to having first corrected the top stave to 4|4
In summary of my experience to date with MuseScore , if the time in a measure is incorrect, it is
usually better to just cut the measure and re-enter the notes.


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