Running musescore under Qt debug, no sound when playing

• Aug 9, 2013 - 02:24


I've got the program running under Qt IDE platform in debug mode. All looks well but when I play the promenade_Example there is no sounds. If I run the binary version of musescore directly downloaded from the website, there is sound though.




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Thanks lasconic,

I checked the preference and I have for the soundfont path:


but when I go to view -> Synthesizer there is nothing there, when I try "add" there is no items in the box

I checked the directories and:
C:/Users/william/Documents/MuseScoreDevelopment/ don't have Soundfonts folder

C:/Development/music_recognition/MuseScore/build.qtc/ don't have sound folder either.

Any ideas why?



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I think that QtCreator does not perform "install" or "installdebug" step and run the executable created with the "make debug" instruction in the MuseScore\mscore folder. Indeed, the default folder for soundfonts when "install" is performed is win32install\sound, so relative to mscore.exe (which in that case is in win32install\bin) is ..\sound, as it is trying to find in your case.
The MuseScoreDevelopment folder is created for user personalizations (for example, it contains the default folder to which MuseScore first tries to save score when prompted) and does not contain soundfonts unless you copy them in.
You can find the soundfont in MuseScore\share\sound. You can add this folder to the preferences, or simply copy the soundfont in one of the already present addresses (for example, create the folder Soundfonts in MuseScoreDevelopment and copy it there).


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