Score jumps from side to side

• Aug 19, 2013 - 03:27

When working in musescore, every time I insert a note or edit a note the whole score moves to the left, then to the right the next time I click. This happens even when adding something as simple as a staccato mark or a sharp. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


would be appropriate to give some essential information, as explained here:
and possibly explain the steps. If you have difficulty with a score you can attach (below: "File attachments").

Check a couple of things.
The size of the main window of MsS (you can see the page margins?);
The zoom level (100%, etc.).
Consider that works similar to a word processor. Let others know;-)

The most important part of those suggestions is to include an atual score and steps to repeoduce what ou ae seeing.

I'm guessing what you are seeing applies to just one score and problably just one line pf music within it. That line probably just happens to be right on the edge of either being able to fit ome more measure or not, so every time you make a change, the measure either pops to the next line or back up. That's kind of luck of the draw really. Shouldn't happen often, but it's kond of unavoidable every once in a while. On those rare occasions, there can be workarounds - eg, deliberatley reduce stretch then add a lone break to lock in the layout - but it's tough to be more specific without seeing the specific score ou are having trouble with.

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