System brackes and braces

• Jun 15, 2017 - 19:04

I have a problem with a bracket that won't align around a group of instruments sub grouped by braces.
I've attached two screenshots (and the score).
The bracket seems to align fine when I extend it to the entire group, however when focus is released the bracket jumps to the left.
I found an old article from 2009 which seems to describe a similar problem. It mentions that the bracket can be moved with control-right_arrow. This doesn't work for me (I'm using MS 2.1 on an iMac), neither does shift nor shift-control.
Further down the score for the brass section it works fine.


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You are way too fast for me :-) By mistake I uploaded part 9 of the cantata (in which the brackets aligns as expected). I almost immediately deleted the attachement an uploaded part 1 instead (where I have the problem).
The Ctrl +Shift +left arrow or Ctrl+Shift+right arrow does not work for me on iMac.

When you add brackets and braces, the first one you add is closest to the staves and each following bracket is farther to the left. I would suggest you start over with the brackets.

The handbook doesn't address this, perhaps it should.

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You said you put the one that looks like { on the flutes then the one that looks like [ on all four instruments? When I do that, this is what I get:

I also changed the style settings as you described.

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Thank you all for your advice trying to help me out. Much appreciated!

I've tried to find a consistent procedure for getting this to work.

It seems I need to do the large backet first, then add the smaller braces.
This will leave the smaller braces to the left of the large bracket.
I then have to double-click on the bracket and then press cmd-shift-leftArrow to move the backet to the left of the braces.

However, now the gap between the bracket and the braces is too wide. (If you compare with the other samples above). Moving in smaller steps seems not possible using the cmd-shift Arrows.

This is my settings for brackets and braces:

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FWIW, this is *supposed* to just work without the need for fiddling. And it does work in some cases - try just two staves with both curly braces and an outer bracket. Or extend the outer bracket over four staves, but have only *one* inner curly braces (on the top two staves), with the next two curly-brace-less. Apparently it's having two or more separate curly braces inside a single outer bracket that causes the problem, but only if both sets of inner braces are already present when you add the outer bracket.

So, here is a procedure that appears to work:

1) first add *one* curly brace and extend it to cover what you need
2) now add the outer bracket and extend it to cover what you need
3) finally add the other curly braces

This will result in everything more or less as it should be, no adjustments to any settings required. In fact, you can then delete the outer bracket and add it back with no problems. The only thing not quite right is the instrument names are too far from the brackets, but you can adjust them in settings.

I'm assuming this is a bug but I'm not quite understanding all the variables that go into it.

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