AddMoreStretch using keyboard not working, then Undo - CRASH

• Aug 27, 2013 - 17:46

Using keyboard shortcuts to AddMoreStretch does NOT work. If I then Undo the action (Duh!) with Ctrl-Z, I get crash.
See attached files.

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It does work for me, 025f37c, Win7 Ent. 64bit, with the promenade example.
Adding stretch also works with your score, but indeed crashes on undo.
Probably related to TAB Notation?

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I have switched from my local keyboard (Slovenian - '}' is accessed pressing Right Alt & 'n') to English keyboard, indeed it works just fine. Maybe there is shortcut assigned to this combination (R Alt + N), or perhaps since 'N' is default for note input?
But Undo does crashes the program regularly.

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