Inaccurate MIDI Export

• Sep 3, 2013 - 04:35

I am composing a piece for around 15 instruments, but every time I export the piece to a midi file, it always messes up the instruments. I have been using musescore for years and it has never done this. For example, it switches the flute part to a violin part, and the midi is considerably lower quality than in the past. Please help?


ive not had this problem using musescore but i have with others .. audacity is one. i found when all else failed i saved my file securly. . . uninstall the musescore program, restart computer, reinstall musescore. . open file and try saving as a midi again.
just a thought ♫

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When I load that file into MuseScore and save as MIDI, then load the resulting MIDI back into MuseScore, the flutes still play as flutes. Same with QuickTime. So I assume the info is there in the file. What program are you using to play the MIDI file? And what do you mean by "lower quality"? Are you aware that MIDI contains no representation whatsoever of sound itself - only what notes are played when? The sound quality is completely up to the program playing the file. It's like a player piano roll in that respect. The same roll will sound fantastic on a fantastic piano, terrible on a terrible piano.

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I've been using Windows Media Player to play MIDIs for ages, and it's only started having this problem now. And by lower quality, I just mean that the instruments themselves sound much different than they used to when I played them back as MIDI files, almost scratchier and harsher.

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Then something has changed in your Windows installation - an automatic update, perhaps, if you don't remember changing anything yourself. As I said above, there is absolutely nothing in a MIDI file that has anything whatsoever to do with sound quality. That's completely up to the program playing the file, just as in my piano roll analogy. And presumably, whatever changed on your system regarding WMP is also why it for some reason is playing the file with the wrong instruments.

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OK I've figured out what's going wrong.

I loaded MuseScore's created MIDI file into the free version of the Anvil Sequencer

What has happened is that due to the extra assignation of mute and pizzicato channels to the string instruments MuseScore has gone over the 16 channel limit of MIDI and assigned the Violas to Channel 1 and the Cello's to channel 4, thus overwriting the original instrument assignments.

Fixing the channel assignments sorts the instrument swapping problem

It is always unwise to play any MIDI export from any music application that is not a dedicated sequencer without checking it in a sequencer first.

I don't know if it's my imagination but the default Windows MIDI GM instrument seems to be making even nastier noises than usual, so my guess is that Microsoft have "upgraded" it in a recent update.

The moral of this is you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear :(

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