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• Aug 2, 2009 - 11:30

I am a one-finger typist, having difficulty getting used to the keys for note length. To help me, I used a method that WordPerfect for DOS had. They had a little card that tucked behind the Function keys, having written on it what each key does in various combinations. I took a screenshot of the notes from the menu bar, enlarged it with the GIMP, and put it in front of the function keys, for quick reference. The larger notes are spaced more, but I don't use them as often.

I would be more comfortable using a system with 4 for a quarter note, 8 for an eighth note, etc, but that is something I can't choose.



Hey Doug,

I checked out the handbook again, and it seems to have a solution:

The link "Handbook" is near the top of the column to the right.

Here's the precise passage:

"Notes are entered in Note entry mode. First select a note or rest as start position for note entry. When entering notes you are always replacing existing notes or rests. So the duration of a measure does not change.

N: Enters Note entry mode.
Escape (dot): Leaves Note entry mode.

After entering Note entry mode you should select the duration of the note you want to enter by selecting a value from the note palette or by the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

In version 0.9.4 and later the keyboard shortcuts for selecting the note duration are:

1: 64th note (semi-demi-semiquaver)
2: 32nd note (demi-semiquaver)
3: 16th note (semiquaver)
4: Eighth note (quaver)
5: Quarter note (crochet)
6: Half note (minim)
7: Whole note (semibreve)
8: Double whole note (breve)
9: Longa
.: A period (dot) changes the selected duration into a dotted note"

The shortcuts for note durations is something you can choose via Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts.

Your method works fine if all you use is whole notes through eighth notes. If you are brave enough to try three finger typing on the number pad I think you will find the current layout quite convenient once you get used to it.

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