Whole note rest stays when entering drumset part

• Sep 5, 2013 - 17:29

Hi, I'm new to Musescore and I like the software so far.

I only have one problem:

When entering drums, there is a whole note rest that always stays in the staff, even if I first select it and enter a note to replace it, even if I have notes filling the whole bar underneath.

This is driving me nuts!

Has anybody noticed this behaviour? How do I delete this rest?


Not that I know off.

What I did was:

Create a new document with a 5 line drumkit as the sole instrument. I did not change any other settings.

I get a 32 measures long Drumset staff, and the problem above.

I did the same with a piano patch and there was no problem.

Drums are always entered using voices; that's the nature of drum parts. The rest you speak of is in voice 1 and cannot / should not be deleted. If you are still seeing it after entering notes, then I assume you are probably entering notes that are in voice 2 - by default, I think bass drum and high hat might be in that category? If a part has only voice 2 notes, then it *is* customary to still show the voice 1 rest. If you prefer not to - and I could see why in drum part that might potentially make sense - you can mark the voice 1 restinvisible (right click menu). Or you could force your bass drum part (if that's what this is) to use voice 1 even though it is stem down and thus more properly placed on voice 2.

In general, posting the actual score you having trouble with and the specific steps you are following is always a good idea.

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