selecting objects

• Sep 7, 2013 - 12:52

When selecting some bars, copying and pasting them double bar lines aren't copied (even if they were blue as the selected notes).
This holds also for text items, but they aren't even selected together with the bars (not blue).
Tried also with Ctrl or Shift key to select further objects but it doesn't work
Could someone tell me why, please?


I believe only notes, rests, lyrics and chord symbols are copied.
Having influence on what gets copied and what not has been requested several times, but not yet been implemented

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There are a few other items that get copied - eg, articulations - but indeed, not everything. For the next release it seems they've revisited the choice of what gets copied and what doesn't - more does - but as yet, still no way to control this. If not in 2.0, hopefully 2.1 - it's high on my list of things I'd most like to see as well.

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