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• Jun 23, 2017 - 22:04

Suddenly no sound in my 12" MacBook while it worked fine before (I have latest Mac OS and latest Musescore). I have changed the sound font to FluidR3Mono, FluidR3 GM, and Sonatina etc and no sound. I have changed the port audio to jack, rebooted and then changed back to port and still no sound. I have deleted Musescore from the application folder and done a fresh install downloaded from, and still no sound. This is a mess.


Any progress with this? I too have a 12" Macbook that had sound initially...but no sound now.
I have reset Musescore...even via the Terminal.
Verified presence of synthesizers. Set as default.
Downloaded new soundfonts. But still no sound.
Downloaded a nightly as well...same problem.
Any ideas?

Not any applications...but the system has installed updates to OS and current applications.

Additional information regarding the synthesizer...
Although it shows as default under the synthesizer menu. No soundfonts were present inside the folder until I downloaded and copied into the folder. I also downloaded the default soundfont and placed in the folder. Now the synthesizer selections show 2 of the default synthesizer bundles.

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Hi FYI I could get no output on my Mac. It just seemed to randomly happen. Did factory resets etc. and no difference.

I have downgraded to 2.01 and it is now working.

I've left this here because it didn't sound like the PortAudio issue (I have nothing greyed out).

I will leave the updates switched off for the moment :)

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Running Mac Pro Sierra 10.12.6 and musescore 2.1.0
When I press the play arrow, the cursor moves along the bars but no sound. This can be fixed as follows:
1. help/revert to factory settings. At which point the app closes and reopens.
2. Reboot the computer.
3. Open the app and all is well until I close it.
4. Then repeat as above. Happens every time.
5.Added 2 other soundfonts, setting each as the default. That worked for the 1st open session. Again, on closing and relaunching app, no sound.

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Will do, system currently backing up so probably tomorrow.
New info: I run a windows 7 shell on my MacPro using VMware Fusion. Have used this for years to run my CAD program. Yesterday I downloaded the windows version of MuseScore. It works fine. So the app works well in a windows shell on the Mac, but not in the native Mac OS. Seems to me that perhaps the first use of the program gloms onto the audio output port and then doesn't release it on closing.

Attached is the shot you want with sound NOT working. Later for the working shot.

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Hi, I had the same problem with Musescore 2.1 on my MacBook 12", where the playback only worked very rarely when the app was closed and opened (worked only twice in six months). However, I downloaded Musescore , and now it works fine every time. Thanks a lot! What seems to be the problem with 2.1?

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Here is the screen shot after resetting to factory and rebooting.

Saw your comment on the speakers. They are hard-wired, but will try to disable the bluetooth to see if that matters. Again note: using the windows in the shell, the same speakers are used and there are no problems.

Thanks for your help with this. Looks like many of us are struggling with this issue on Macs. I have not used any earlier versions of the app..

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