Small Ties

• Aug 3, 2009 - 23:40

My system:

-Ubuntu 9.04
-MuseScore 0.9.4

When creating ties between notes that do not take up a lot of horizontal space on the staff (such as 16th notes), you can hardly see the ties at all (see attached). This is very annoying because, in order to make it readable, you have to either increase the measure spacing a lot, or go into edit mode, and make it larger yourself. The second option is extremely tedious, because all the handles are right next to each other, and it it nearly impossible to tell one from the other.

Has this been fixed in the latest prerelease?

If not, here is how to reproduce it:

1) in an empty score, go to the first measure and input two 16th notes, one right after the other
2) tie them together.

If you are at 100% zoom, you will likely not be able to see the tie at all. However, the attached screenshot is at 150% zoom (because I like 150% better than 100%).

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