Skype, Adobe Flash and Bose Soundlink stop working when MuseScore is open

• Jun 24, 2017 - 20:11
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When I have MuseScore open, Skype does not work correctly. I believe the problem is that MuseScore prevents Skype from using the computers Microphone. This is especially frustrating to me because I take music composition lessons via Skype, and would like to have MuseScore open during my lesson. Unfortunately, for Skype to work I have to close MuseScore.

Since I installed your recent update Version 2.1.0 Revision 871c8ce I now have problems running any Adobe Flash videos. For instance YouTube vidoes no longer play when I have Musescore open.

Also, since this upgrade - When using MuseScore the sound no longer plays through my Bose Soundlink wireless device, but uses the PC's speakers instead. Soundlink is a usb device that plugs into my PC and allows the PC's sound to be played through my Bose stereo system. This was especially nice when using MuseScore, since the sound quality of the Bose system is excellent, and the PC speaker is very poor by comparison.



Does Skype quit working while you are in a call/using voice? I have Skype up continuously, and it is not affected by MuseScore. Then again, I mainly use the text part, not calls.

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Reported version 2.1  

It's the same on my computer. When Musescore is working youtube stops working, clementine (a mp3 player) stops working...
I am using Musescore 1.3 on a Linux (ubuntu based) machine (I did not try an update so far as the version 1.3 is easy to install on linux).

Severity S5 - Suggestion  
Status (old) needs info active
Status needs info active
Reported version 2.1

Please don't change the settings of an issue, "Needs info" is to request information from the reporter of a problem.
Also please note that MuseScore 1.3 is very old, and this issue here specificially mentions 2.1

Apperently there is in issue with MuseScore wanting to have audio exclusively?