Overlapping multi-voice tablature with stems

• Sep 18, 2013 - 10:03

I wanted to ask if any of you can work out a pattern in these excerpts from published scores (produced using the same software, I believe), whether there are rules in how overlapping multi-voice tablature with stems is handled.

I think it is sometimes (or always) independent of the pitched stave in certain ways, as you'll see from noteheads and tablature not always lining up, etc.


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I'm not sure about what you want.
One thing is certan, actually, MS2.0 is not able to render properly these tabs. For exemple n°1 it's ok, but for others exemples (like Ex. 4) it's more complicated. Here's the rendr of the ex. 1 with the latest MS.


and the original


NB : Also, to try to reproduce correctly your examples, Most of them need the key signature...
However, I have to tell that these are not the most common representation of guitar tabs. I've mainly seen them in the Mark Knopfler Guitar Style Series. And I think that there are not so comfortable to use.

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No, not overlapping in that sense :).

It is when the numbers of each voice cross into each other's space.

I suppose one of the focuses is this:

In image 4, the horizontal positioning of the number looks similar to the pitched stave.


In image 5, they are not (swapped around).


I want to know why. I've got my theories, but before posting them, I would like to see what others may come up with.

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In fact, many of the tab songbooks I have do not use stems on the tab part. Stems are only on the pichted staff. So they do not encounter this kind of problem. If you're not sure, you can take a look at this thread Guitar Tab Notation, It's the commonly used nomenclature in the guitar tab songbooks edited by Hal Leonard Ed.

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