Transposing problem when key changes in piece

• Aug 4, 2009 - 17:49

I think this has been reported before but it doesn't show up in open issues. I have a piece that changes key signature within the music. I select all and Notes-Transpose then tick the box for key signatures but only the first key signature is changed. I attach the file to help you look into this.

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This may be the same issue, but in this case when the key changes, the first instance of the new key signature does not change when I select or deselect Concert Pitch. I transcribed the attached score for French Horn from a Trombone part with Concert Pitch on. When I turn off Concert Pitch, the keys and notes are transposed (mostly) properly, except at the point of the key change where the key signature stays in its original from. On the other staves, the new key signature is represented correctly.
0.9.5 rev 2012 WinXP

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