Playback Doesn't Work At All

• Aug 4, 2009 - 22:27

I'm using MuseScore 0.9.4 and I can't get my playback to work at all. I've tried clicking the button that makes it start at the beginning of the score and clicking play and that didn't work. I've selected the beginning not and clicked play...that didn't work. I tried hitting space bar, that didn't do anything with the playback feature...instead it moves the notes over a length. I then tried to fool around with some things in I/O under Preferences...I selected JACK Audio and Audioserver, but then the Play/Rewind/Pause buttons at the top greyed out. So I deselcted JACK Audio and Audioserver, but it's still greyed out. And under Display, the F11 shortcut to Play Panel...WAS greyed out...but now it's back. And I don't know what I did to do that, but it's back. The buttons at the top of the program (Play/Rewind/Etc.) are still greyed out, however.

Sorry for the incoherentness and jumbled feel of this post...but are there any suggestions as to what to do?


A good place to start is the troubleshooting section of SoundFont . Are you using Windows or Linux? Was the sound working initially and it no longer works after changing some settings?

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Thanks, I'll read that section.

I'm running Linux (9.04, if it makes a difference), but the sound was never working. I would click Play, but nothing happened. I haven't heard a single note I've written so far.

When I make a new file, I found that everything's back to normal. least, everything's not greyed out. It doesn't play, but I can manipulate the buttons.

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I just tried downloading another SoundFont, but that didn't work.
Also, I found out that everything greys out when I go to I/O settings period. I just went there on another score, did nothing but click OK, and I now have the same problem as in my other score, but restarting MuseScore DID bring it back. The buttons are again functional in all scores I have written, but nothing happens when I click them.

EDIT: The section on SoundFont was, then, not helpful.

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