Tuplet/triplet duration is half as short as the selected duration (0.9.5 r1987)

• Aug 5, 2009 - 04:58

Using Windows Vista Home Premium, the steps taken to duplicate the problem were:

1. New score. Time signature: 2/2. No key signature.
2. N for Note Entry. 3 for semi-quaver duration. Ctl+3 for tuplets. Result: Three demi-semi-quaver tuplets (in rests).
3. 4 for quaver duration. Ctl+3 for tuplets. Result: Three semi-quaver tuplets (in rests).
4. New time signature in 3rd bar: 4/4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Same results.

I noticed this when writing the oboe part for Bach's Sinfonia (Arioso) from Cantata 156, a lovely piece, which has a lot of semi-quaver tuplets.

Thanks again for providing this excellent software free.
Kelly Jones


If I understand correctly, What you are expecting is to select an 8th note duration, then press ctrl+3 and end up with three 8th notes in a triplet. This is not how MuseScore is set up to work. To use a triplet, select the duration required for the whole triplet (eg. a quarter note for an 8th note triplet), then enter the first note or rest. Only then do you sub-divide that note into the desired tuplet. This has been discussed at length and ad nausium in prior posts.

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