How do I save score to MP3?

• Jul 2, 2017 - 05:03

I went to the manual, but whatever they had there didn't work.
I had a computer crash last week and had to re-install MS. Previously, this was easily done, but a pop-up message tells me I need to tell where the file is located. I have tried several times, but it still won't work. Can someone walk me through this? The message says it must be done only once--hallelujah!


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Yes, I do. The drop down tells me:
MuseScore does not export MP3 files directly, but instead uses the freely available LAME library. You must obtain lame_enc.dll separately (for details check the handbook), and then locate the file for MuseScore.
You only need to do this once.

Would you like to locate lame_enc.dll now?

My problem occurs with the: "locate the file for MS:" part. I have no idea what that calls for.
I went to the site [bunichi?] suggested, but I still have no idea what they want me to do. Everything I type in results in failure.

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On this page scroll down till you find the recommended lame for audacity install package for your OS. Click on it and it will either download and save the file, or automatically run.

After it runs, check the destination directory for the new files and make sure there is a file called lame.dll rather than lame???.dll where ??? are some other letters or symbols. MuseScore requires it to be named lame.dll.

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Problem solved! The problem was with my browser, Google. My setting was set to use only apps from the store, so lame wouldn't install. I changed the setting and all went well; I saved the score to MP3 just the same as I always have. When re-installing MS after the crash, we must have missed lame.
Thanks to all who helped me--it is always appreciated!

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