Playback of grace notes after, and fiddling with grace notes in general

• Jul 9, 2017 - 02:08

Would it be possible for playback to be implemented for grace notes inserted after other notes? I'm trying to do a transcription of Debussy's Pour le piano suite for Openscore and there are several instances of grace notes after (mostly as glissandi), particularly in the Prélude (see page 4 of the attached score).

Pour le piano

Other problems I am having is not being able to change clef in the middle of a set of grace notes, insert an 8va over part of them, or arpeggiate them (as in the middle bar of the second to last line in the Sarabande).

For the moment, I have created workarounds for the glissandi using small noteheads and tuplets, along with invisible notes in the left hand, but the guidelines for Openscore seem to frown upon this.


As far as the string of notes that look like grace notes after with the ottava and clef change, I would write it as a cadenza. Right click the measure and set the actual duration to 6/4 and use 32nd notes. In the inspector make 32nd note chords small. You can group select them and then press the notes button in the inspector. I believe this will be more acceptable to OpenScore. I attached the first example from the score.

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It's not out of the question that some day we might try to add playback for grace notes after. But a problem is that there are potentially different use cases for these, and the expected playback can differ depending on what you are using them for.

Realistically, though, in your example, those aren't grace notes at all. They are small notes to indicate a cadenza-like passage, as mike320 suggests.

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