The Basset Horn

• Oct 9, 2013 - 22:16

I am working on a Mozart piece that requires a Basset Horn, which I am lead to believe is also known as a Tenor Clarinet.
Can any member with more instrument knowledge than I, tell me which of the Musescore woodwinds would be the closest simulation of this instrument.

thank you.


I'm no woodwind expert (could conceivably make a *few* pennies on tin whistle, flute or recorder) but to my ear (from listening on internet and to MuseSocre 1.2) the basset horn most closely resembles the alto clarinet.

The Basset Horn is a member of the Clarinet family and can be found in the MuseScore instrument list by clicking on the "show more" button.


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According to:

the Bassetthorn instrument just uses the Clarinet timbre (if I'm understanding the list correctly). This is probably fine--I don't believe I've ever heard a genuine bassetthorn solo, so I have no idea how subtle the difference in timbre is from a "true" clarinet in the same pitch range (alto? tenor?), but, does anyone know: has anyone made a sound font to try to represent whatever subtle difference there might be? In other words, is there a sound font which maps instrument bassetthorn to a bassetthorn timbre, not to just the clarinet timbre?

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