Hide empty bars?

• Aug 8, 2009 - 05:31

How can I hide empty bars in a score?
Thank you.


Did you want to delete the remaining bars in the score? If so then read measure operations

If not then please describe in detail what you are trying to achive. Probably you'll also find the answers you are looking for by using the Search box on the right hand side of this page.

I am trying to do the same thing, but the "visible" checkbox is disabled in the empty bars I wish to hide. I saw another response from administrator explaining an alternate way to hide the empty bars through Style/Measures menu, but I don't see an option for that.

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The goal is to use a hidden empty bar to separate an alternative conclusion from the end of a piece: otherwise the alternative looks like a continuation from what precedes. So the "hide empty system" feature won't work in this context, & I find no "hide empty measure" feature under Style>Edit general style>Score. I have the same problem that at least 2 others have noted: in the context of a single instrument/voice the "visible"/[invisible] toggle under Measure>Measure properties is inactive. (I have likewise had no success employing breaks to accomplish this task.

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