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• Oct 15, 2013 - 22:15

I have just picked up my clarinet after many years and am using midi files to arrange parts and accompaniments. Your programme is great for the purpose, but I am having one difficulty. It crashes when I try to change the 'shortest note' for importation. I noticed that you seemed to have had some problems with importation in the past. Maybe this is part of the same issue? I have the issue with Windows Vista, but I think I also had trouble with Windows 7.
An example of a file which is defying importation is:
The importation works great if I just leave the shortest note as 1/64 but fails if I change it to something longer (like 1/8). (BTW, as a beginner on the clarinet, I love the idea that I can simplify the timing with this option)
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There seems to be an inherent dichotomy between midi (basically a set of instructions for machine performance of music) and notation (basically a set of instructions for humans).
Midi does not truly need to be concerned about notation rudiments such as measures, time signatures, key signatures, etc. but rather on/off timings, pitches, durations, attack/decay, etc.
In times predating computers and digitized music, I guess a musician would have had a similar problem trying to decipher a player piano roll into a written musical notation.

Having said that, I have attached a file which is a condensed version of your midi file. (I used Anvil Studio.) It will open in Musescore 1.3 using any 'shortest note'.
I have assumed you want the main melody for your clarinet. If that's not the case check out Anvil Studio where you can work on midi files to 'clean them up' for import into Musescore.


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Thank you very much! Following your lead, I have also opened the original midi using a demo version of Finale and then re-saved it as a midi. I can then open the midi with MuseScore. So it looks like there is just some glitch in the combination of the midi and MuseScore. Still this might be a bug that deserves attention in the future. But for now, thanks again.

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FWIW, I too was able to import it into 2.0 no problem, but when I tried playing with the import settings to recreate the effect of setting "shortest note on import" to 1/8, I still got it to crash. I didn't really know what I was doing so I can't desceibe exactly what I did, but perhaps someone wants to play with this to see if there an issue that needs submitting.

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