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• Oct 16, 2013 - 15:42

I'm not sure if this has been covered or not, as I've just started seriously putting some time into the 2.0 nightlies, and I'm confused about the text. I know that one of the big new features of 2.0 is having linked parts, and that indeed works for notes. (I also like having the score and parts in one file, that's really nice.) What doesn't work is linked text. If I change the title on the score, I have to change it on each individual part. Same with the title font, instrument name, etc.

Is linked text/styles on the roadmap?


Text is supposed to work. I submitted a bug last week on staff text (same issue - edits to score didn't propagate to parts), and it was marked as fixed a couple of days later. I'm not at my computer now so I can't test, but be sure to have the latest nightly and try with different types of text. Maybe staff text changes were implemented bu titles got left out, in which case maybe you could submit an issue to the tracker on that.

Styles, I think, are meant to be separate. This is generally good, in that it's not uncommon to want different settings for score versus parts, particularly for page layout things like orientation, staff size, margins, distance between staves, etc. I do have mixed feelings about this, though, as it does make it difficult to change styles for all parts at once as might sometimes be desired. Maybe a plugin, or a checkbox in the style dialog "apply to all parts"?

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See, I like to have a template for my marching band music with the score formatted one way (normal portrait, letter-sized paper), and the parts formatted to fit in a flip book (which is roughly 7" x 5 1/2"). When I open up the template and change the title from "Template" to whatever piece I'm arranging, the parts' title still says "Template". I want to change the title and have it change on all the parts. Then change the composer and have it change on all of the parts. The last version I tried didn't do that. Is it supposed to?

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I certainly expect title text to work like staff text in this respect, yes - change to the text itself in score would affect parts. If it doesn't currently, that's a bug as far as I'm concerned. But I'm not sure why your template still has a title of "Template" - are you not entering the title in the New Score wizard? Normally the template itself should have a template at all.

Separate style for score and parts is supported - the style for parts is set in edit / preferences. I think this setting should be part of a template or general style, not a global setting, but it's better than nothing.

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Currently if I change the title/composer on the score, the parts do not change.

As for the style of parts in the edit preferences, I have a template set up with the instruments I need in the score, parts already created, everything sized the way I need it. I don't want to have to go through the trouble of using the new score wizard, then having to create the parts for each arrangement.

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Not sure what you mean. Perhaps you are not understanding how templates work? When using the new score wizard, you simply select "from template" in the radio button at the bottom, then select the template. This automatically clones the template and gives you a chance to pick a new title, key signature, time signature, etc. Any parts present in the template will be present in the new score - you don't have to manually create them again. That's the whole point. Are you perhaps opening the template directly then doing "save as" to make a copy? That's actually *more* work, especially when you factor in the need to manually set the title, time signature, key signature, etc individually rather than being able to do so right there in the wizard.

Anyhow, title text definitely seems broken in the build I am using (from a couple of days ago). I'm currently re-building to verify it's still broken, and if so, I'll re-open the bug I submitted to the issue tracker a week or so ago

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Yes, that's exactly how I've done it - used a pre-created file, then change all the other things I needed. I was not aware that it could be done another way! I'll investigate the way Marc suggested. Could I get a few more instructions on how to do this..... ?

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