How To Keep Notations On A Straight Path

• Oct 28, 2013 - 07:14

Hello, I'm writing an arrangement for a piece and I am using pedal notation (ped and the asterisk). I am keeping the pedal markings straight by having a line below the treble and bass clefs and then trying to make the markings as spatially identical as I can by fine tuning their positions with CTRL/SHIFT + arrow keys.

If there is any way that this can be done more efficiently please tell me.

Thanks in advance.


I don't think there is a way to achieve that using the marks you use.

Have you considered using the Ped/line/hook method, which is all one piece?

Downside of the line versions of the pedal markings is that they cannot be positioned by cursor keys - only by dragging. Which is harder to get accurate. But indeed, fewer things to align that way. Ultimately, I'd say pick the style you prefer seeing and then worry about alignment.

Either way, unfortunately, no option other than doing it "by eye" for 1.3. For the next release, there is a Style setting that controls the initial position of pedal markings, another for voltas, etc. So it will become much easier. Plus, it will be possible to nudge line markings by cursor keys, to make it easier to manually override the position of selected markings and still get them to align.

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