Creating a Piano Intro for Flute music

• Oct 30, 2013 - 20:49

I am writing a music score for a flute part, but the first 4 bars is a Piano Introduction, but I only need a Piano double stave for the first 4 bars only and the rest of the score to be the flute part, is there any way in musescore that I can do this???? My only option is to put a 4 bar rest which is not how the composer has done it. Any suggestion would be fab

Thank you


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No that doesn't work either as the 3 staves still appear when I only want the 2 staves for the piano intro which is 4 bars followed by a single stave of flute music for 36 bars. I haven't completed the score yet as I have been messing with the settings trying to get it to the way I want.

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Hey Xavierjazz!!!

Thank you so much for your help, managed to resolving the issue by using both hiding empty staves and putting a horizontal frame after the 4 bar intro and it looks exactly how I want to look, thanks again so much for helping me I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!

"2 staves for the piano intro which is 4 bars followed by a single stave of flute music for 36 bars".

As mentioned earlier, posting your score is always good to do.

However, please see the attachment.
In Musescore 1.3, click on menu item: Style / Edit General Style / Score and unclick 'Hide empty staves' to see the full score, as entered.
You can also make the piano notes smaller, if preferred - right click on a section, then change to small in Note (Chord) Properties. Also, the measures can be re-numbered, if desired.


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It is good practice to display all the instruments used in a score in the first system.

This avoids the confusion that a player might mistake the piece for a piano solo when first glancing at the score.

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