Undo bar line colours

• Nov 6, 2013 - 07:42

Open any score. Select several bars. Right-click inside selection on any note head and change colour. Note head, rest and barline colours get changed inside the selection. Perform Undo (ctrl+z). The colours of note heads and rests are reset to black, but the barlines remain coloured.

This is a harmless bug, one can always right-click one bar line, select all similar elements, then colour them black. But it's still a bug.

I'm using 1.3, rev. 5702 on Windows 7.


Does this happen in current nightly build too? If so, a bug report might be due, if not you can consider the problem fixed in the next Version ;-)

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In current nightly build, click - Shift-click selection and property change is different:

1) When selecting a staff span, bar lines are NOT selected

2) Colouring is done via the Inspector, not by (right-) clicking an element.

Anyway, reproducing the procedure described above as nearly as possible DOES NOT cause the issue described: bar lines are NOT selected and then NOT coloured. So, undoing the colouring causes no problem.

Can we consider it fixed?


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