Keyboard shortcuts for percussion entry

• Nov 10, 2013 - 20:15

I'm trying to add a triangle part to a vocal score. I watched the video tutorial and I can get it to work that way, with the mouse, but it's rather laborious. Part of the problem is that the triangle part doesn't repeat much. Each measure is different from the one before.

There must be some keyboard shortcuts for percussion entry.

Come to think of it, there must be a keyboard shortcut for entering rests when entering notation for pitched instruments. I never figured that out, either. Using the mouse to click on the note entry point for rests also gets rather tiresome.

If you can give me a hint, on both points, I'd appreciate it and can probably figure out the rest on my own.


Welcome aboard...

Shortcut for a rest, either pitched or percussion, is '0' -- that is, the number zero.

Now, for the triangle:
Presumably, in your score, you have created a percussion staff for the triangle. The drum palette should show 2 graphics - one for mute triangle, one for open triangle.
You can assign keyboard shortcut(s) by right clicking on the drum staff (line), then in the popup menu select 'Edit Drumset'. Scroll down to pitch #80 and pitch #81 and select from the 'Shortcut' drop down list what letter you wish to use as the keyboard shortcut(s).
This way, you can use the keyboard for entering triangle notes along with their durations.


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