Space between midi sounds

• Jul 21, 2017 - 22:28

Hello! Why is there space between midi notes? And how can I make it normal? On top of the photo you see the exported midi file imported into my DAW, and on the bottom what I wrote in musescore. You can see there's silence between the sounds:
space between sounds.jpg


On some instruments and in some contexts it is normal that there would be a slight gap between notes unless explicitly marked legato. The details are instrument and context dependent. If you attach your actual score we can advise better, but most likely, adding legato/tenuto markings or slurs will lengthen the notes to produce the results you are looking for.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot! I changed the piano to a reed organ and it does the job. I also learned what a tenuto is and how to insert legatos. :)

And I just want to add, for people that may jump into this thread with the same issue, that you can change the sound of an instrument in the mixer window (F10). So if for example you want the sound of a piano but without the tiny silences between the notes, you can choose a reed organ and change the sound to piano in the mixer window.

Thanks again Marc!

Hi, I've tried switching several instruments but there's always a small gap between the notes when I load the file in Garage Band.
Is there a way to do it so it's mathematically correct? meaning that when a note ends the next one begins? How can I remove this "human" or "realistic" effect?
Thank you so much.

I’d love to see this fixed, or made optional - anything but “MS is going to export MIDI a little differently for certain arbitrarily chosen instruments, ask on the forum to find out which ones.” ;)

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It’s not “broken” - it’s acting in accord with the design agreed upon by consensus over the course of several years of back and forth discussions. At least for piano - for flute it was more an experiment that was never completed. Anyhow, MuseScore witless have an entirely new playback system a d way of handling articulations so I suspect this will be moot. But feel free to test the alpha release when it becomes available and give feedback then.

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