Parts caption becomes invisible

• Jul 25, 2017 - 17:05

I have a problem with the Parts feauture.
Working for a while on a scores with parts, some of the captions suddenly becomes invisible and the tab itself becomes tiny. Likewise in the Parts selection the parts are invisible.
I can delete all the parts, create them again, however eventually the problem will reappear.
(MuseScore 871c8ce - MacOS Sierra

Skærmbillede 2017-07-25 kl. 17.51.15.png 10.12.5)

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Yes, the movement is an XML import from Sibelius. The complete score is a joint project. I do have a movement I've created from scratch with MuseScore which will have 24 parts.

I was able to reproduce the problem in the score written from scratch i MuseScore.
It may relate to changing the instrument names. I changed the instrument names for the first couple of instruments (Flauto 1, Flauto 2 and Clarinetto 1 – the score was created using the modern Danish instrument names)
Having changed these three instrument names I scrolled rapidly back and forth through the parts with the mouse, and the suddenly the caption disappeared from Flauto 1.

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"some of the captions suddenly becomes invisible and the tab itself becomes tiny. Likewise in the Parts selection the parts are invisible."

I do not know your workflow, what is exactly your purpose (change parts name if I understand well your last message), anyway, I can systematically reproduce by exporting the parts in .mscz format. Then saving the initial score.
Does it come close to what you're doing?

So, the parts are still there, but the parts names are "crushed" or cleared (?), something like this I guess. And right now don't really know if it may be considered as a bug or the result of a misuse (or not expected use case) ?

So, from your last score without parts: Partitur_Reformationskantate.mscz, then (→ generate parts/new all/ok → export 1 ou 2 ou 3 parts – as I did here - so, in .mscz format, to change the name I guess again?), and after save the score -> close/ reload, I receive :01_Partitur_Reformationskantate.mscz


- From scratch :

1) SATB template
2) Create parts (new all/Ok)
3) Export parts → choose Type. MuseScore file .mscz (main point) → Save
4) Hit « Ok » for « Parts were successfully exported »
5) Ctrl + S
6) Keep the default name which appeared, or enter new name, eg TEST
7) Save → Close → Reload

Result : parts here, but without names: TEST.mscz
test soprano.jpg

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Yes, this is more or less what I'm doing. I'm not using export, but save a copy of each part. Mainly because I was not aware of the export feature for parts :-), but also because I maintain a file structure where I keep all instruments apart as I eventually need to create an album of all movements for each instrument. I need to change the instrument names as we have decided to use the original naming of the handwritten score from 1817. Anyway, the problem seems not related to this.
I'm not sure I understand why you may consider it being a misuse. When a part is create a lot of manual re-formatting and alignment is needed, so once created I would prefer the parts to remain in the score and survive future corrections of the main score. Maybe I'm missing your point?

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Okay, thanks for the confirmation, or almost.
Indeed, when you save a part as a copy, it is in the .mscz format. So, that's like exporting a part in this format.
At first glance, I would say that this should not erase the part name. So, an issue, from my understanding by now.
For the rest, I thought, possibly, a misuse in the sense of a non-usual approach, and because the "Export parts" feature is designed for this purpose. Of course, this does not explain the current behaviour.
The most important thing is that we have advanced and understood what is happening by be able to reproduce.
That said, I have not yet reviewed all aspects of your use case: I am sure some other users will take care of it and can go further with you.

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