Musescore crashes when i try and copy & paste a bar

• Nov 17, 2013 - 17:21

Does anybody else have this problem??
Every time i try and copy and paste a bar with notes in it, it crashes and closes the program.
If anybody knows how tor fix it please help!!

Musescore1.3, Windows 8 64bit


There's an error in measure 42.

No, serious: you need to provide more information, which MuseScore version, what OS and also attach the score and tell us which measure you can't copy and paste.

Edit, OK you provided the version meanwhile, we still need to see the score.
Are you by chance copying triplets?

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Indeed, there is no reason to use copy and paste in this case - the parts facility is designed to automate all this.

However, while it's much more work to do the copying and pasting manually, it *should* have worked. Unfortunately, there is a bug where MuseScore crashes if you copy and paste a region that includes chord symbols from a score for multiple instruments into a score for fewer instruments (or in your case, a part for a single instrument). This bug has already been reported, filed, and fixed for the next major release.

musescore v 1.3, revision 5702
running on windows 7 service pack 1
project: notebook for nannerl transcription into musescore.

standard piano score format, straight out of the file setup stuff, no customization.

musescore sometimes crashes on a copy, sometimes partial measure, sometimes complete or multiple measures on single staff, sometimes on multiple staff copies.

to be exact, it actually crashes on the paste, not the copy!

other than figuring out that musescore doesn't like multi-measure multi-staff copies onto a single measure/single staff (i would have thought musescore would figure that one out on its own), i have no idea of why it does that.

i've been using musescore for several years and really like it, other than some minor cosmetic issues i've learned to work around.

this copy thing really has me frustrated because it tends to trash 30 to 60 minutes of work when it happens.

when i start musescore, it does ask to recover the previously open session, but the unsaved work is lost. if the file hasn't been saved at crash, the whole new file disappears.

i've attached a copy of one of the files that has crashed and that i was eventually able to complete.

Attachment Size
012 Menuett in A.mscz 3.57 KB

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Wrong comment in the wrong place

@ iowaplayer
On Vista, 1.3:
I added an instrument (piano), I copied everything (piano 1) and pasted (piano 2). It works.

I copied from piano 1, treble clef;
I pasted in piano 2, I exchanged the voices;
I copied from piano 1, bass clef, on the same staff;
I exchanged the voices.
The result is visually ugly but it works.

So I've tried everything comes to mind but do not understand exactly what happens on your pc. Have you tried reinstalling?
- Revert to factory settings:

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a little more information:

yes, i did try a reinstall.

problem seems to occur only if i copy a block, and then try to paste it to a measure. this used to work in the previous version of musescore i used. unfortunately i don't know what version i had before my last update.

i will try some more experiments to see if i can figure out any pattern to the crashes.

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