Bugs in measure numbering in MuseScore 0.9.5 RC2

• Aug 13, 2009 - 10:01

Hi everyone!

I'm using MuseScore 0.9.5 RC2 on Windows Vista SP2.
I noticed this bug:

1) select a measure and go to Measure properties
2) add to measure a positive number

The measures following the selected measure are numbered correctly, while the selected measure has a wrong number.

In addition why can I give the measure a negative number (you can do this adding to measure a negative number so that the result of the subtraction is a negative number)?

I attach to this post the file with this bugs.

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Bug confirmed.

I don't know that the negative numbers is something that needs to be fixed. I can see it being handy if you have a few measure before the piece starts. Also pickup measures could be (probably should be) labeled zero.

I don't consider the negative addition to be a bug. I've used it to great effect (except for the doubling that I expect will be fixed in 0.9.6). For example, if I want to add a couple lines of a sub-piece to the bottom of a score, I can just set the first measure of the sub-section to -numberOfMeasuresBeforeIt. (I'm putting my pit orchestra part into MuseScore so I'll be able to read it during performances. The original is horribly messy.)

Of course, there might be a way to actually indicate that I want to start a new section that I haven't found yet. The help file that comes with MuseScore 0.9.5 doesn't cover a lot of the advanced features. Please tell me if there's a feature to automatically start a new section; I really don't want to be needlessly using a hack.

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indeed is not easy to ac hieve.
If you use a file per movement, you have no longer page numebers...

If you use but one file, you can use the add number features for measure numabers, but there is also some problems about the change in measure and armatures between movements.

Should be nice to add a "new section" jumpto the existing "new system" and "new page". Or pehaps vertical frames are of some use for that? I should invetigate ....

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Vertical frames are useful up to a point because they allow the addition of section titles, subtitles, composers, etc. And with the bugs that have been fixed (like the measure number display of measures that have adding/subtracting set) in the latest prereleases, vertical frames and measure offsets become almost perfect.

However, yes, a section break type would be quite useful.

I don't understand what you mean by change in armatures, though.

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Thanks for the definition. I'd never heard key signatures referred to as armatures.

I've found that MuseScore generally behaves itself when starting a new section using a manual end bar at the end of the previous line. Generally. But it would be awesome to be able to manually specify exceptions to the courtesy time/key signature style rules.

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