Move first staff down

• Nov 25, 2013 - 04:28

My first staff is much too close to the Song Title, because of chord symbols and chord diagrams.

I read about Breaks and Spacers but can't seem to get it to work for me.
I've managed to get a Staff Spacer Down arrow onto my staff, but don't know how to actually move the staff down.

I've dragged here and there with no results.

Any tips?



Spacers add space below staves, so that doesn't help here.

You need extra space between the frame and the first system. Easiest way is to go to Style / Edit General Style / Page and increase the Vertical frame lower margin. This will affact all vertical frames, but chances are that's what you'd want.

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Maybe, but it wouldn't be obvious to me, or to MuseScore, if that should mean, move the first staff or the first system, nor would it be obvious if the second staff/system should move also or if they should remain in place, etc. No doubt it would be possible to design an interface in which dragging a staff had some predictable and desirable effect, and there are redesign efforts going on right now, so maybe someday there will be some changes here.

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If there is development going on now in this regard, may I suggest the following...

  1. An icon is selected (or menu choice) to adjust the stave positions.
  2. Once this is selected, check boxes appear to the far left (or right) of each stave.
  3. The user can then select which staves they wish the movement to apply to.
    (So if they select the first two staves, only those two would move)
  4. After the staves are selected, the user can drag the staves up/down to the position they desire.
  5. Finally a button at the bottom/top would instruct the user to lock/finalize the stave movement.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to add the dragging and multi-selection behavior to the current Instruments dialog?
The amount of actions to be taken is equal (a keypress to open the dialog, selecting/dragging and an OK button), but involves way less live redrawing.

1] The easiest way to increase the distance between Title and music for just the first page
is to make the Title frame bigger.

And also...

2] If you want to move all the staves down a bit but leave the Title where it is then: Style->Edit General Style->Page and increase the value for Music upper margin.

3] If you want to move everything down a bit (including the Title): Layout->Page settings->Top Margin and increase the value here.

4] If you want to move music down but have the chord names appear higher or lower in relation to the staves the you need to do one or more of the above and also goto Style->Edit Text Style>Chordname and decrease the Y value to raise the chord symbols or increase the Y value to lower them. You may need to save the file and Reload it to see the changes take effect.

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FWIW, these are all good techniques to know about, but I don't think they are the right solutions to this particular problem. The downside of just making the title frame bigger is that it moves the composer & lyricist down as well, so it might not actually create the needed space. Workaround would be to manually move the composer and lyricist up. The downside of increasing music upper margin is that it also lowers the first system of every page. Of course, it might turn out that this is what you wanted, and as I said, it's good to know about these parameters anyhow. But it really is V-frame lower margin that is the most direct solution here.

BTW, I might have though that right clicking the frame and playing with the properties might do the trick, but the margins in that dialog don't seem to affect anything that I can see?

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Thanks Marc et al. for all of your suggestions.

I was initially hoping to just move the first staff lower a bit and move nothing else.
But none of the solutions seemed to be able to do that.

I decided to go with Shoichi's 'add a vertical frame' tip.
Since I had extra room at the bottom of the page, it's not a problem to have all of the staves move down a bit at the same time.
It also looks better I guess to keep the distance between all staves the same.

Main thing is that the chord diagrams are no longer touching the Title of the piece! :)

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Hmm, you literally meant you wanted to move the first system lower but keep the rest of the systems where they are, so there ends up being less space between systems one and two than between any other pair of systems? That seems very strange to me, and counterproductive to boot - now you'll have the same problem on the second system (chord diagrams colliding with things above). It's *definitely* better to keep constant distance.

Normally, moving *all* of the systems on the first page down is exactly what you want. The vertical frame lower margin that I suggested is exactly how to do that, and it has the added bonus of automatically doing the same should you have any other vertical frames (which should also presumably clear the chord diagrams). But adding an additional vertical frame certainly works too.

Another option is to increase the upper margin in the Edit General Style>Page window. The downside of this is that this larger space will be added to every page.

Mind you, I am using 1.3 so if you are using the nightlies this may no longer be apropo.

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Thanks xavier.

It seems there are a variety of ways to accomplish my desired effect.

I went with the 'Add a vertical frame' above the staff method and it's worked out nicely.

I also tried clicking on the title frame which brought up:
Frame properties / increase the height.
That method also worked.

- Right click on Song Title. Select "Edit Element."
- On the right you should see a list of "Vertical Frame" elements with their setting numbers-- "Top gap," "Bottom gap," "Height," etc.
- Whatever your number is for "Bottom gap," increase it. This should move the first staff down and allow you to add more ledger lines.

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